Antedated Aardvark
Strip #3255. Possibly amusing.
I'm lying. It's not June 20th, it's July 5th. No, 6th by now. That's evil, isn't it? Well, I had the sketch for this strip already drawn, and it does only work on that particular date, hence the antedating.

I've been asked whether the Aardvark is truly dead now, but no such luck! It's only been on vacation, or something, while I've been busy with work related things. I'm unemployed, or I was, or I would have could been, or... Anyway, I'm in the process of getting a job, and that has consumed much of my time and, not least, the calm I need to draw this strip. Like, a chance of getting a job after being out of one for well over a year, who wouldn't be excited and jittery about that? Whee!

The Aardvark lives on, there's no question about that. The big and important question, though, is: Should I keep on antedating the strips, making it seem like they were published weekly, and try to increase the publishing rate until I catch up with the real dates, or should I simply skip a couple of weeks' worth of strips? Tough decision.

Well, what do you think?


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