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Strip #3324. Possibly amusing.
Just says NO.Well, along with the previous strip, I asked for advice regarding how to proceed with the dates of the strips; whether I should antedate them or not. I got quite a few responses to that, and all of them adviced against it. Some readers even showed up in person to tell me this.

This little grumpy fellow didn't waste many words on the subject, but those he did waste were clear enough. He simply told me "Try not. Do not.", and went away.

Says NO, after all.Another reader was quite wordy about the matter, and told me about the many sleepless nights during which he weighed pros and cons against each other, but that he finally came to the conclusion that the strips really should be dated when published, not at some imaginative date in the past.

Gee, I hope he'll get some sleep now! I mean, just look at those bags!

NO doubt about it.The third visitor wasn't quite that polite. I'll quote him directly:

"Mild-mannered as I am, boy, but don't you dare messing with time! If I catch you trying to pull a moronic stunt like that, by God, I'll smack you senseless with Kirk's double-handed carpal killer karate knock and kick your sorry ass so far out the lake you couldn't find it if you searched for a thousand years!"

Wouldn't dare ticking that guy off... And, the weirdest thing of it all, I got a creepy feeling the platypus agreed with him.


But there's going to be one change; I won't limit the big, colorful strips to sundays only. I'll publish that kind whenever I damn well feel like it. So there!


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