Unauthorized Aardvark
Strip #4057. Possibly amusing.
We've all met them, or at least gotten their perpetual offers of unusable crap. But guess what? The irony of the whole thing is that I publish this strip at a time when ...salespersons... are among the least of my worries. Not even the MyDoom worm is very annoying to me, but the majority of the six thousand or so mails I've received during the last three or four days are bounces from naive mail servers that actually believe what MyDoom tell them, and promptly send me mails telling me that I sent a worm that was catched by the mail filter. Bullshit. I will compile some statistics when this deluge has calmed down, and punch some seriously large holes in the air!

There are happier news than that, though: Making this strip becomes easier and easier; I started out with a pen, a paper, a digital camera, Deluxe Paint, ImageMagick and GIMP. Now I'm down to a pen, a paper, a scanner and GIMP. The text is still the major obstacle; the time needed to create it actually increased when I switched from Deluxe Paint to GIMP, but I'll find a way to speed up that process, too. I hope. "They'll make you lose weight!" took me almost seven minutes to write...


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