Unexpected Aardvark
Strip #5467. Possibly amusing.
Just like that.

Things do have a way to surprise, to catch you off guard, when you least expect them to. In the last year, there's been many surprises, more or less expected, but no aardvark.

Well, here it is!

Blaming work for the lack of time would be the easiest way of explaining, I suppose. That is part of the reason it's been more than a year (Time does fly, doesn't it?) since the last strip. There's been lots of work. And there's been lots of wonderful time with the fabulous woman who was my girlfriend, and lots of miserable time without her. I even seem to have stopped watching TV. Almost, anyway; I do take some time to watch the occasional movie now and then, but I don't follow any regular shows. I'll have to change that optimistic 'more or less weekly' in the meta tags... I wonder how those who publish daily strips manage to be on time. It has to be some kind of magic.

Oh well, time. Too bad it's so expensive, or I'd buy some more. Stay tuned for the next update! Same page, in a year or so?


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