Unauthorized Aardvark
Strip #6035. Possibly amusing.
The new year is beginning to settle down and reveal its intentions. Where is it taking us this time?

People are still bad to each other, despite the christmasy and newyeary attempts at uniting the whole world in a cuddly huddle where everybody enjoys Coca Cola and loves their Big Macs. Perhaps it failed because the former isn't quite as tasty as advertised, and the latter isn't quite as lovable as one could think? Disappointments make people cranky, and when people get cranky, they begin fighting again.

Perhaps it has nothing at all to do with those things? I don't know. Who does?

I still get about 50 notices a day saying my password was successfully updated, or that my email account has been suspended. Each and every one of those also contains one Windows worm or another. It's depressing to think about. Then there's the regular spam... 'Meet an online fuckfriend'? That's something I prefer to do offline, thankyaverymuch. 'Hundreds of Windows software titles, from $9.99'? If I ever want one of those, I'll buy it from a respectable seller, not by encouraging a spammer. 'Something new Jerome'? Oh, get lost. Get lost! Go away, forever, and burn!

Are GMail invites still cool? The Aardvark seem to have a hundred of those to hand out, but none to give them to. None left!


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