Ultimate Antics
Strip #8367. Possibly amusing.
This really happened!

Well, Linus Torvalds wasn't there... And neither was Steve Ballmer, to tell the truth. And it probably was an accident. But apart from that, it actually happened to a friend of mine.

Things are changing here at UA. I'm going to free myself of the Unauthorized Aardvark shackles. Not completely, but at times. I still plan to continue the Unauthorized Aardvark, but when I get an idea that doesn't fit into that universe, I will no longer hesitate to publish it outside of that scope. The ones that feel the most uncategorizable will appear here, under Ultimate Antics.

Yes, the style of this cartoon is undeniably inspired by XKCD (if you appreciate the comic, make sure you follow its 'blag', which is wonderfully wacky. I mean, look at the urinal discussion for example; obviously a huge issue to many guys. And yet... What's the big deal?), and I stole the phrase 'Escalator Genuine Advantage' from a guy named Thorild.

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